Frequently Asked Questions

What are standard mattress sizes?

The Standard Sizes are

  • King 76” X 79”
  • Cal-King (California) 72” X 84”
  • Queen 59” X 79
  • Full 53” X 74”
  • Full Extra Long 53” X 79”
  • 48” (Three Quarters) 48” X 74”
  • 44” 44” X 74”
  • Twin 38” X 74”
  • Twin Extra Long 38” X 79”
  • 33” (2/9) 32” X 74”
What is the difference between comfort and support?
Why does my mattress feel different than I expected it to?
Must I replace the box spring or foundation when purchasing a new mattress?
How many years should my mattress last?
What should I do with my old mattress?
How and why do I rotate my bedding? How do I avoid body impressions? How do I maintain consistent comfort and feel throughout the life of my bedding?
How do I clean my mattress?
What is the best mattress, or mattress brand?
How much should I spend on a new mattress?
What about Warranty coverage?

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